Our Manorisms give you a chance to ‘sit down’ with the people who call Manor Court home.

In this Manorism, we meet Lesley Verity who loves roasts and the original Blue Lagoon movie with Jean Simmons.

Can you tell us about your early days?

I’m a local. I was born in Werribee in 1937 in the old Werribee Hospital. I’m the youngest of 11 children, and I was the only one in my family that didn’t get curly hair! My dad bred chickens and I used to help him on the farm. His name was George Victor Hopper; Hoppers Crossing was named after him.

That's amazing...

Yes, I nursed my mum and dad until they died. And I had two children – a son and a daughter.

The old Werribee Hospital

Did you play much sport when you were young?

I enjoyed playing basketball, softball and swimming. I used to ride to the Metro Farm near Werribee to swim in the pool with my friends and family.

And what about later? Can you tell us about work?

I left school at 13 and worked in a local clothing factory Latoof & Callil. It was just a tin shed and it would get extremely hot in summer – staff would be sweating over the material on a hot day. I was also a volunteer at the Mercy Hospital for 18 years – it was my greatest achievement, I think. I made items for Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day stalls.

What about travel?

I went to New Zealand a couple of time and enjoyed it. And I went to Cairns once, but it was too hot.

How about food, have you got a favourite?

Well, my favourite meal is a roast.

What about music, TV or movies?

My favourite movie is Blue Lagoon from the 1940s – the original with Jean Simmons. And I enjoy watching the news.

So, now you live at Manor Court.
What’s a typical day?

I don’t have a strict routine. I like to go with the flow – I feel so at home. I have a lovely big room and all my personal items that I treasure are around me. I like socialising with other residents and the staff.

What do you enjoy most at Manor Court?

My favourite things are word games; I play them every morning. Plus, I’m in the cooking group with a small group of residents and we get together each week.

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