Our Manorisms give you a chance to ‘sit down’ with the people who call Manor Court home.

In this Manorism, we meet Joseph Amos who shared some details of his greatest achievements and loves in life.

What are the most important lessons you've learned in life?

Aways look after my family.

What advice would you pass on?

Be nice to your next door neighbour and everyone else you pass along in your life.

What do you remember about your parents and grandparents?

Mum was so amazing, and I love her so much and miss her.

What about the place you grew up?

I remember mucking around with my mates going riding around looking at old buildings…and most likely getting ourselves into a little trouble.

If you could go back to any age, what would it be and why?

I would be a teenager again, as I used to go out with my mates riding our bikes. And, of course, the day I got to marry my wife.

What are your biggest achievements in life?

My biggest achievements are getting to the age I’m at now, having my kids, and the day I married my wife.

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What do you like about Manor Court?

That everyone is good to me and my family.

What does it take to be happy?

Having kind people in the world.

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