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Keeping our community safe

Keeping our community safe

Our number one priority remains the safety of our community, including everyone living at, working at, and visiting Manor Court.

Beyond Aged Care Quality Standards

We use the Quality Standards set out by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission as a base for our procedures, but we go above and beyond wherever possible.

Working closely with residents, employees, and the broader community helps ensure our services are delivered in the safest way, and ensures they are accessible to all.

Feedback and complaints are taken seriously, and we use these interactions as an opportunity to continuously improve our service delivery.

Additional measures to ensure safety during COVID-19

We maintain high standards of cleanliness at all times, regardless of any public health situations. All staff and visiting allied health specialists are aware of their obligations not to come onsite when they are feeling unwell or have any signs or symptoms of COVID-19.

In addition to our standard operating practices, we have implemented a range of COVID-19 safe practices and procedures. This includes detailed operations during lockdowns and other pandemic situations.

Our COVID-safe processes include:

  • Increased cleaning and sanitisation of high touch frequency areas.
  • All staff and contractors are required to complete a daily attestation and temperature check prior to entering the facility, together with use of a QR check-in system.
  • Detailed electronic record management of all people onsite.
  • Regular asymptomatic testing of staff.
  • Daily screening of all our residents, including temperature checks.
  • Liaison with state and federal public health officials and adherence to relevant Care Directives and State and Federal Public Health Advice.


We also benefit from a loyal and committed team who work together to provide a safe and welcoming home for everyone at Manor Court.

While it may be necessary to limit visitation by family and friends during lockdowns and at other times, we work hard to ensure residents remain engaged and connected. Our team helps residents remain connected through video and telephone calls, we provide regular updates to families, and we also deliver a daily program of engaging activities.

For more information on our safety protocols, please contact or call (03) 9742 0699