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You can keep your own Doctor, and the Aged Care home will assist you to arrange transport for your medical appointments, but you will need to pay for the transport. If your Doctor is unable to treat you at the Aged Care home, the home will be able to assist you to find a Doctor who visits.

Yes, your dietary requirements will be met. Manor Court will provide a healthy well-balanced diet. We also look after any special dietary requirements for religious beliefs.

Refundable Accommodation Deposits (RAD) are like an interest free loan to the Aged Care home, and by law must be used to improve building standards and the quality and range of aged services provided. The Federal Government has legislated on the type of investments facilities can invest RAD funds in.

Repayment of the Refundable Accommodation Deposits are guaranteed by the Federal Government.

There may be instances when the Resident’s assets are less than the RAD asked by the Aged Care home.

The Aged Care home may accept a lesser RAD if the Resident has insufficient assets. The Resident’s Family may also elect to pay the difference on behalf of the Resident. In this instance a separate agreement will be entered into with the Aged Care

Facility to ensure a refund of the RAD, paid by the Family, goes back to the Family in the event of the Resident’s passing or moving to another nursing home.

The RAD will become due for payment on the day it is agreed with the Aged Care home, and must be paid within 6 months. Up until the time the RAD is paid, you will be pay the equivalent DAP.

Retentions from the RAD no longer apply.

The Facility is entitled to deduct any outstanding fees & charges owed by the Resident.

The MIPR is set by the Government usually quarterly, based on movements to interest rates. The rate applicable at the time that the Resident agreement is entered into, does not change for the term of the agreement.

Confused? We don’t blame you because Aged Care financing is extremely complex. Manor Court is not permitted to provide financial advice and we strongly recommend that you consult an independent financial planner who is a specialist in Aged Care.

Nobody needs to pay more than they need and a specialist will ensure that the best structure is achieved to meet your needs.

Manor Court will be able to provide you with the names of a number of specialist Aged Care Advisors.

Manor Court is looking into exciting extra service packages that residents can purchase. More information will be made available shortly.

Residents in care prior to 01.07.2014 moving to Manor Court, will continue on the existing agreement, unless they choose to adopt the post 01.07.2014 arrangements, which will normally be significantly more expensive.

A Resident who entered Manor Court after 01.07.2014 is able to move to a different Facility, but their existing agreement ceases on the day of departure. Any RAD held will be refunded. A new agreement must be negotiated with the new Facility. The new Facility is able to charge more than the current agreement.

Residents have 28 days to agree on how their Accommodation Payment will be made. If no election is made by day 28, then the DAP continues for the life of the agreement.

This can only be changed by the agreement of both parties.

If you were a resident prior to 01.07.2014 then you cannot be charged any more to change rooms.

If you moved into the facility after 01.07.2014 and you wish to move to a cheaper or more expensive room, then by agreement with the Facility the move can occur, as long as the move is voluntary and agreed by the resident.

There may be instances where a Facility may require a Resident

to move to a different room. These are: 

  • The move is necessary to carry out repairs or improvements to the room or the buildings.
  • The move is necessary on genuine medical grounds as

assessed by;

  1. The ACAT Team
  2. At least two medical or other health practitioners, of which one must be chosen by the Resident/NOK, and both must be competent in caring for aged persons

Residents cannot nominate their payment method prior to admission. Residents have 28 days to decide, but do not need to use the whole 28 days. There is nothing precluding the Resident making the decision on the day of entry.

Respite care is a short break or holiday in a Residential Aged Care Facility, from your normal home environment.

Respite care can be a period of rest and recovery after surgery, or simply a time to allow your carer to have a short break.

All Residents with a current ACAT Respite Assessment are eligible for up to 9 weeks Respite per financial year. (1 July to 30 June). On 1 July each year, all Residents are credited with another 9 weeks of Respite.

Manor Court will take bookings for a minimum of 1 week, and in blocks of 1 week thereafter. Residents can take a maximum of 9 weeks in a financial year.

Respite Residents will be required to pay the same daily care fees as those paid by permanent Residents. These are the basic daily care rate (as at 20 March 2021 $52.71 per day) – apart from telephone rental and call charges (if applicable). No other charges apply for Respite Care. Residents are charged fortnightly in advance for their care.

Manor Court can accommodate entry on any day during the week. However, a weekday admission is preferred.

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