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Feedback & Complaints

We openly invite your feedback or complaints to ensure you experience the best care and support possible.

How you can provide feedback or make a complaint at Manor Court

Speak to a staff member or manager first. If you feel that your concerns or suggestions have not been properly acted on, please speak to a Manor Court Executive.

Alternatively, you can contact us on the details below:

The key contact for residents receiving:

  • Clinical and care services is the Director of Nursing
  • NDIS services is the General Manager – Corporate Services

Phone: (03) 9742 0699


Write to us: 5 Hogan Grove Werribee VIC 3030

RequestComplaints Form or a Feedback Form via email or phone.

Once completed mail, email or bring in the form to Manor Court (see details above).

You can also complete our online ‘Compliments, Comments and Complaints’ form.

External advocates

You can also get support from an external advocate. We recognise that sometimes you may want someone from outside our organisation to give you advice or to speak on your behalf. Let us know, or talk to someone you trust, to get this arranged.

You have the right to seek advice, support and/or have someone speak on your behalf at any time during this process. Please speak with a staff member at Manor Court or someone you trust about how to find this help.

If you are not happy with the outcome of your feedback or the way we handled your feedback you can contact:


If you have a disability and wish to find an advocacy agency in your area, you can use the Disability Advocacy Finder

About us

Our Residents feeling at home while enjoying excellence in residential care.

We care for our Residents through;

– Individualised Services and Support

– High Standards of Clinical Care

– Outcomes Designed to provide Quality of Life

– Facilities fit for Purpose


Wyndham Focus

Engagement with Stakeholders

Community Ownership

Accountability of Staff, Service Providers and Management

Respect for residents, Families and Staff

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